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This is so not easy

I was in one of my favourite Facebook groups for mama entrepreneurs the other day when a friend’s comment jumped right off the screen: “What we are doing is very, very not easy.” It’s not like this is news but it was the simplicity and clarity of that statement that really hit home for me. Her choice of words was so interesting. She chose to say “not easy” instead of “really hard.” It was like she was calling out to the Universe (which doesn’t understand negatives and only hears “easy” or “hard”) for something to make this journey easier.

My friend and mentor, Krista Smith, has a phrase she’s fond of using when we’re looking for a solution to a problem: “How can you make this easy?” It’s so simple, and yet as entrepreneurs we tend to make things so not easy for ourselves: We take on too much; we try to do everything ourselves; we think we need to have all the answers right now. It’s that phrase I came back to when I read that comment from my Facebook friend. “How can I make this easy?”

We can all make this journey (entrepreneurial or otherwise) easier on each other. I believe that’s why so many of us go into business: to be of service, to make things easier for others by doing that thing we do so well. I do this in my own way through the web design services I provide. That’s why I created my Starter WordPress Website package.

Learn more about the Starter WordPress Website package.

Creating an online home for your business doesn’t have to be not easy, even when you’re just starting out. (I could have said that without the double negative, but I know the Universe is listening.) It’s okay if you don’t know who you’re ideal client or customer is in the beginning; you’ll come to know her or him over time, as you help more and more people. Don’t let that stop you from getting out there and starting to offer the products and services that are so needed right now. It is possible to create a beautiful, robust website quickly and affordably. And you can learn to take control of your online presence and feel confident doing so.

I’d like to do my part to make this easier for you by offering this Spring Special. For the month of April, my Starter WordPress Website package is available for $1,999. I normally offer this package for $2,500.

If you’re ready to get noticed online, contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation. I’d be thrilled if I could make things just a little bit easier for you.

Tamara Sztainbok

I design and build WordPress websites for purpose-driven businesses. I love nothing more than connecting people who are passionate about what they do with exactly the people who need to know them.
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