Expand your Impact

Websites for businesses that do good

Expand Your Impact

Websites for businesses that do good

Websites for Purpose-Driven Businesses

You’re building a business because you’re compelled to — it’s what you were meant to do. You’ve put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears in order to get where you are, and you don’t regret that for one second. But you can’t do it all.

And spending hours trying to figure out how to customize and update a WordPress website isn’t the best use of your time. You’d rather be devoting more time to that thing you do so well for the people who need you most.

I create WordPress websites for creative, passionate businesses driven by purpose. Let me help you get noticed online.


Tamara Sztainbok, web design and development, puzzleboxcommunications.com

Hi! I'm Tamara

I help womyn-lead businesses create websites that do good. I love nothing more than connecting people who are passionate about what they do with exactly the people who need to know them. I believe that we can find fulfillment and purpose through our work when we put people and planet first.

“I really felt her commitment to my work and me being well-represented online.”

Tamara is a rare blend of being incredibly well organized while also being flexible and responsive. She broke things down into clear tasks to keep me moving in creating my content and also provided insightful feedback and great ideas at every stage. She clearly cares a lot about her work and I really felt her commitment to my work and me being well-represented online. I really couldn’t imagine anyone being better suited to supporting me in this process and getting the site up. Thanks Tamara !!

Julie Devaney

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