Polly VandendBerg, Puzzle Box client

Tamara was able to guide me through the web design process calmly and easily when I felt totally out of my depth. She helped me shape my amorphous ideas into a solid plan, and took my content and made it stand out in a beautiful website that totally fits my brand identity.

Polly VandenBerg

julie devaney, website by puzzleboxcommunications.com

Tamara is a rare blend of being incredibly well organized while also being flexible and responsive. She broke things down into clear tasks to keep me moving in creating my content and also provided insightful feedback and great ideas at every stage. She clearly cares a lot about her work and I really felt her commitment to my work and me being well-represented online. I really couldn’t imagine anyone being better suited to supporting me in this process and getting the site up. Thanks Tamara !!

Julie Devaney

Janet Karp, Puzzle Box client

One of the many things I value about working with Tamara has been that she respected that my technological know-how was pretty basic and walked me through the process step by step. Not only did I end up with a beautiful website but I learned a ton along the way. Tamara is efficient and knows her ‘stuff’. We were able to produce a high quality online store in less than 2 months. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Janet Karp

Trista Zinn, Puzzle Box cliente

Tamara has a great deal of patience, which was so appreciated by someone who is not very computer literate. She was able to make my websites user friendly and graphically appealing at the same time. One of the many things I value about working with Tamara is the pride and dedication she takes in order to best reflect the true nature of my business.

Trista Zinn