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5 Can’t-live-without tools for entrepreneurs

As a solo entrepreneur, I have a lot on my plate. I wear all the hats in this operation, so It’s super-important that I work as efficiently and productively as I can. I rely on a number of online tools to help me work smart. So today I’m sharing with you a round-up of the 5 tools for entrepreneurs I can’t live without. All of these tools can be used via a desktop computer or on a smart phone, and are free to use (with additional features available with a paid account).


Asana is my project management tool of choice. With it, you can create checklists sorted by project so you can keep track of what’s been done and what’s left to do. For each project, you can add team members to collaborate with you and assign tasks to them. I like to use Asana with my web design clients. It helps us stay on track with our project because everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing. My favourite feature is the ability to comment on a task. This cuts down on overloading our inboxes and keeps relevant information in one place.


Toggl is a time tracking tool that allows you to keep track of the time you spend with clients, on projects or on tasks. You can create projects and assign clients, which is helpful when it comes to billing. But I also like to use Toggl for tracking how much time I spend working on my business. This allows me to keep track of where my time is going and how I can work smarter.


I have a terrible memory, so when inspiration strikes, I have to write down my ideas right away or their gone. That’s what I use Evernote for. I have the app on my phone, where I can quickly jot down a note when I’m on the go. I can keep my notes organized by filing them in “notebooks,” which are like folders on a computer. And I can also upload attachments. I usually keep Evernote open on my desktop as I work. That way I can access notes I use often, like some handy css code I use over and over, or colour codes I’m using on a particular project.


Canva is a free tool that allows you to create beautiful graphics for your website, blog or social media in seconds — no design experience required. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to put together a graphic, and the tool is loaded with free (or very inexpensive) images and templates for every use. I like to use it to create a quick blog or social media graphic. Watch my tutorial and see how easy it really is.


Now, all these tools require that you create an account, even if you’re using the free version. So you’ll need to keep track of your passwords somewhere, especially if you’re being conscientious about security and using a strong, unique password for every account. LastPass is a password manager that saves all your passwords in one place. All you need to remember is the master password. I have it on all my devices, including my phone. When I go to log into an account, LastPass fills in all the details for me. I don’t have to remember a thing.

There are so many tools available to make an entrepreneur’s life easier. These are just a few that I use nearly every day. Have I missed some that you can’t live without? Tell me about them in the comments below.

Tamara Sztainbok

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