Are you missing out on leads because of your Facebook profile? via

Are you missing out on leads because of your Facebook profile?

Raise your hand if you participate in Facebook groups? I have found them super useful for making connections and building relationships with like-minded professionals. When I meet someone through a Facebook group, one of the first things I do is click their profile to see what they do and check out their Facebook page and website. If you haven’t connected your personal profile to your business page or your website, then it’s a bit harder for me to learn about your business. Make it easy for people to connect with you on Facebook; link your Facebook business page and your website to your personal profile. Setting that up takes a few simple steps.

Link Your Facebook Business Page to your Profile

Go to your personal profile and click the About tab. Select Work and Education from the list on the left.

about tab on facebook profile

Click Add a Workplace and start entering your business name under Company. If you have a Facebook business page, a link to your page will pop up for you to select. You can also add your position, your city and a description.

In the bottom left, next to the Save Changes button, set the privacy to Public so anyone viewing your profile can see what you do and link to your page. Then click Save Chanes.

privacy on Facebook work section

Add Your Website to Your Profile

Back in the About tab again, select Contact and Basic Info from the list on the left. Scroll down a bit until you get to the section titled WEBSITES AND SOCIAL LINKS. Click Add a Website then add your URL.

Again you need to make this public in order for your website to show up when people view your profile, so set the privacy to Public in the bottom left, next to the Save Changes button.

If you added your website some time ago but it’s not showing up, that may be because you missed that last step that makes your URL public. In that case, scroll over the area to the right of the URL to reveal the privacy icon (a globe) and the edit icon. You’ll be able to set the privacy to Public by clicking on the globe.

Set your website to public on Facebook

You can add more than one website if you have multiples, and feel free to share links to other social media accounts too. Don’t forget to make them public if you want them to show up.

When your done, your profile will look something like this on mobile (on the desktop app your website will appear in the About tab).

Tamara Sztainbok on Facebook

By taking these extra steps to update your Facebook personal profile, you’ll be opening yourself up to new connections and leads for your business. Feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions about this.

Tamara Sztainbok

I design and build WordPress websites for purpose-driven businesses. I love nothing more than connecting people who are passionate about what they do with exactly the people who need to know them.
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