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Keep your website and email hosting separate via

Is it just me, or is there something kind of thrilling about having your own professional email address like It looks so official — your business is for real and you're ready to set the world on fire. (Maybe it is just me.) Nowadays, when you sign up for website hosting, most hosts offer you […] Read More

What's the difference between a hosted and a self-hosted website? via

Deciding what platform to build your website on can be pretty overwhelming. There are so many options (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and on and on), it's not surprising that this is a topic that comes up again and again. But what it comes down to is deciding between a hosted and a self-hosted website. A hosted […] Read More

Are you missing out on leads because of your Facebook profile? via

Raise your hand if you participate in Facebook groups? I have found them super useful for making connections and building relationships with like-minded professionals. When I meet someone through a Facebook group, one of the first things I do is click their profile to see what they do and check out their Facebook page and […] Read More

Spring Clean Your Website via

Spring Clean Your Website

Spring has finally arrived in these parts and it couldn't be more welcome. I love spring time. I love opening the windows and letting in the sweet-smelling air. It's amazing how a little more sunshine and some fresh air can be energizing and revitalizing. If you're like me, you're probably looking around your home thinking […] Read More

this is so not easy, WordPress Website special offer via

This is so not easy

I was in one of my favourite Facebook groups for mama entrepreneurs the other day when a friend’s comment jumped right off the screen: “What we are doing is very, very not easy.” It’s not like this is news but it was the simplicity and clarity of that statement that really hit home for me. […] Read More