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Let me introduce myself.

tamara sztainbok, wordpress web design, www.puzzleboxcommunications.comI’m Tamara Sztainbok. I design and build WordPress Websites for solo entrepreneurs who are ready to let the world know all they have to offer. I help small business owners create websites that reflect who they are and connect them with the type of clients who need them.

I believe you can love your website, and you should. You work hard doing what you do so well; your website should work hard for you.

A bit about my journey

I didn’t set out to become a web designer — I’m actually a book editor by training. Somewhere along the line, I learned some HTML, updated some websites for various employers and even built a WordPress website on my own. But when I started Puzzle Box Communications, writing and editing for small businesses seemed like the logical thing to do.

Then a client asked me to build her a website. Not long after another web design request came in. And that was it. I was hooked. I knew I had to change gears and focus my business on what really brought me joy. (Does that sound familiar?) I enrolled in web designer school, and here I am.

The best part of what I do is meeting women who turn their passion into their life’s work and learning about their businesses.

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